The Turban Dynasty

"The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability"

Navpreet Singh has led the world’s largest Sikh Accessories online store & sardar exclusive & sardar pagri house traders offline store. A business that was once booming and was very well-known in Amritsar has now become a worldwide recognized brand with launch and success of ‘’. With the launch of Navpreet Singh had a vision to provide Sikh accessories and all other Punjabi items to all Punjabis and Sikhs in any part of the world. To provide products that were straight form their mother land carrying that sense of pride and love, Navpreet Singh wanted to provide that feeling of home and warmth to all Punjabis in any part of the world. This dream became real with launch of the website in 2017 and Navpreet Singh has since been known as the Turban King.

"Adapting to new technology to preserve the past for the future"​

The business was initially started by Navpreet’s father which was named ‘Sardar Pagri House’. Navpreet Singh showed keen interest in his father’s business and graduated in Masters of international business to take is father’s business to new heights. He understood that the new wave of technology demanded proper attention and saw scope in starting an online business. With the advantage of having a well-established long running business offline Navpreet Singh was able to use that for success and proper establishment of an online store that helped them maximize their sales and become a worldwide recognized brand. Guidance from his father and knowledge he gained from his master’s degree sardar pagri house formed another subsidiary Sikh Accessories and conquered the offline and online market.

Extending the Heritage

The Man who has created the history by dominating both offline and online

"Celebrating success of the business across many online and offline platforms"

Navpreet Singh has done a remarkable job taking the business from a small city and establishing as an organization worldwide. Navpreet has found success in every arena he stepped in first creating a dominant offline platform and becoming the business leader in Amritsar to now entering the online international market and establishing dominance there as well. It is safe to say that Navpreet has found success in every platform he stepped on. His vision to provide Sikhi items and accessories for day-to-day, use as well as for special occasions has found its mark and he has been able to provide products to all Sikh sangat and Punjabis in every part of the world. With the success and recognition of the brand worldwide Navpreet has created history not only for himself, but for other businesses as well. His story can be seen as an inspiration for other small-scale businesses to try and never give up until you have accomplished what you set out to do.

"From local business to international business; rise of a new brand"

Ever since the launch and beginning of this remarkable journey, a Sikh accessory has become the largest exporter of wholesale and retail turbans worldwide. Navpreet used his master’s degree in international business and all that he has learned during his graduation and used it to take his family business on a much larger scale, from a local business to international business the journey has been full of surprises and lifetime experiences for Navpreet and his family. Sikh accessories takes great pride in announcing that they provide fastest delivery to any part of the world with authentic original products at affordable prices. With Navpreet’s knowledge and wisdom of his elders, Sikh accessories has served sikh sangat from countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany to name a few.

World’s Largest Exporter of Wholesale and Retail Turbans